Muslims and Migrants: Better stay far away from Europe!!!

Remember the spanish Reconquista. The Christians slaughtered you!

Remember the Third Reich. The Nazis slaughtered the Jews!

And the Jews were rich and precious members of the german community, whilst you are completely useless for us. A quarter of all muslims in Nordrhein-Westfalen – the part of Germany with the highest muslim population – allready lives on our cost. What do you think? How long will we be going on to tolerate that? We´re sorry, but we have no jobs for you here in Europe. The Italians may have some poorly paid jobs on their farms. But the rest of Europe has nothing to do for you. We in Europe need highly qualified staff. People working with computers, doctors and scientists.

But no goat-herders!

We in Croatia hate you because you are muslims. The same situation in complete eastern Europe. We allowed you the transfer through our countries because you headed to Germany. But the borders are closed now. And we in Croatia will not give you bogus asylum seekers Asyl. We in Croatia and eastern Europe give a damn about european regulations and law. We don´t want muslims and/or negroes in our beautiful countries, so stay away from them! Otherwise you will have to expect really horrible consequences.

You have to understand that you must learn to survive on your own. You have to unterstand that you can´t propagate yourselves like rats or mice and then seek for a better life in Europe. You have to unterstand that you can´t destroy your countries through war and overpopulation and then seek a better life in our countries. You have to understand that we don´t want you in Europe because we have other cultures than you. Lots of you are primitives, rapists and criminals. That´s what we think of you, because your brothers – who are allready here – often behave like that.

You may think that Mother Merkel wants you here. May be. But she is old and will die soon. And the people who will follow her are young people who don´t want more of you here in our beautiful european countries. You have to understand that we don´t want you in Europe because you are muslims and primitives. You are not able for beeing integrated into our communities. And because of that you will not have a better life here in Europe. You will perhaps have a little bit more money at first glance, but you will be alone because we will ignore and dislike you. The majority of us will not help you. And one day, when we have the feeling that there are to many of you here, some of the Europeans will perhaps slaughter and burn you.

Even the Germans didn´t really change since 1945. The majority of them only waits and radicalizes themselves slowly. The radical parties everywhere in Europe constantly grow and it may take only one more Decade and they will declare the war to immigrants from Africa.

Actually i am looking a report about migrants from Africa who imagine that their life will be easier in Europe. You might think you will have good clothes here, nice flats and big cars. But that´s a big mistake. I´ll give you an example:

When you live from the wellfare you won´t have the money to buy yourselves a Car. If you work f.E. as a Car Mechanic you will earn about 1.650 Euros a month (That´s the income of a qualified european Car Mechanic. Are you european? Are you qualified?). Your real Income after Taxes will be 1.317 Euros per month

And this will be your costs:

  • 50 qm Flat: 450 EUR
  • Health Insurance: 200 EUR and constantly growing
  • Smartphone 25 EUR (only German Calls)
  • Internet and TV 35 EUR
  • Heating, Water and Electricity about 200 EUR
  • Food: approx. 300 EUR per Month
  • Call to Africa per Minute: 1,94 EUR
  • Cigarettes: Minimum 5.40 EUR per Pack

So let´s calculate only your necessary costs (without foreign calls und cigarettes):

450 EUR
200 EUR
25 EUR
35 EUR
200 EUR
      300 EUR
1.210 EUR

You will have only approx. 100 EUR per month to spend on – let´s say – Fun. Believe me. It is a damn ugly thing to live without money here in Europe. Believe me: It ist much better to be the King under the Beggars than the Beggar under the Kings. And you will not even be a Beggar here. You will be human Garbage. That´s what the most Europeans think about you Bogus Immigrants.

Ok, perhaps you can reduce the costs a little bit. But even then you will hardly afford yourself a Car. And here in Europe the women like men with money. So the only women who will show Interest for you are the women we Europeans don´t want, because they are to ugly for us. You will be forced to fuck promiscuous human garbage – fat old women that no european Man would even greet – instead of having sex with your beautiful black women. And it is cold here in Germany. That´s why the Germans make holidays in Italy and France. But you won´t be able to afford that. And a flight from Germany to f.E. Bamako costs about 1.700 EUR. How can you pay that when you have less than 100 EUR you can save up per month?

It may be hard in Africa. But it´s still a lot harder here. In Africa you´re amongst your people and within your culture. Here in Europe you will forever be the stranger we don´t want anymore. Since our majority hates you, you won´t get any support from us and you will be prosecuted harder and harder for f.E. dealing with Drugs or stealing. We´re even thinking about executing african/arabian rapists in the near Future.

Remember what the Germans did to the Jews! And they were rich and precious members of their communities, meanwhile you are only human garbage by many german opinions.

So better stay far away from Europe!

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